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In the Footsteps of Paul the Apostle

October 5-15, 2016

10 Day Canary Islands & Morocco Cruise from Barcelona

March 6-16, 2016

Rhine Discovery
& Prague

September 9-18,2016


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Having a reliable travel agent is very helpful when planning a trip. Sharon Pisesky has helped me save hours of searching and planning and has kept my trip planning from becoming an exercise in frustration. Because my plans are often complicated, with several destinations, I appreciate her hard work on my behalf. I give her the details of where I want to go and when and leave it with her. In short order, an itinerary is ready for my approval. She manages to get excellent fares, good connections and everything goes very well. Sharon doesn't forget details, nor does she overlook the slightest detail of our conversations. She is my first and only choice because she is trustworthy and works very hard . To date, I have not had to contact her while I'm travelling but I have no doubt that if I needed her help, she would come to my rescue. After arriving home, we have a feedback session, to discuss the trip. It's a nice way to review the great memories. As long as I continue to travel, and as long as her services are available, Sharon Pisesky will continue to be my travel agent. F.R.

My husband and I have been going on vacation twice or lately three times a year. Our travels included cruises, land tours, all-inclusive holidays, and occasionally self-managed tours. Our vacations usually include family and friends because we enjoyed their company. I have come to know of Sharon Pisesky back in 2004 and have been using her agency, Europa Travel, to make our travel arrangements. Sharon is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to traveling. She is able to provide us with travel options and advice on the most cost-effective ways to travel. She is always there you to help you out in case of problems or unexpected events. For example, last year we experienced a 2-day delay in Toronto on our way to Israel because of airplane mechanical trouble, and thereby lost two days of the land tour. While in Toronto, I was able to get hold of Sharon in the early hours of morning to arrange an extension of our group's stay in Israel to make up for lost time. She advised us to contact our travel insurer right away and arranged for rebooking of our inbound flights plus booking a hotel in Jerusalem. I would hate to think what could have happened had I used online booking for our group trip.  L.E.

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